Blessing Hands USA, Inc. has visited several parts of the Dominican Republic such as Hermanas Mirabal Province including Santiago and Salcedo, Puerto Plata, Santo Domingo, Malta Plata, and Jarabacoa.

During our most recent trip to Puerto Plata, we discovered this was a struggling community dealing with the lack of basic necessities including sewage and waste removal, clean water, and immunization to survive.

The population is estimated at 3,000 people. With the lack of sewage and waste removal, some in this community is forced to use communal public bathrooms for daily use including bathing. These public bathrooms are structures made of tin and wood and difficult to maintain especially during the hurricane season. For anyone who does not live near a communal bathroom, they use the river. This same river is where the entire community accesses water to cook food and launder clothes. As you can imagine, the lack of sewage and waste removal, clean water combined with no immunization increases the spread of disease.

Our trip to Puerto Plata coincided with Three Kings Day, a religious and sacred holiday in the Dominican Republic. While there, Blessing Hands USA, Inc. provided food, water, and gifts to over 200 families.

It is our desire to return to this community in 2014 to address many of these basic needs. We pray you will join us with your prayers, support, and financial donations.To make a donation, please click here.