CARIBBEAN (Lesser Antilles) – ST. LUCIA

Flag4Blessing Hands USA, Inc. is in collaboration with Marquin Salon, and the Bernasol Educational Foundation to help rebuild villages due to the flash flood that demolished three-quarters of Canaries, St. Lucia on Christmas day.

On December 25th, 2013,the island of St.Lucia was devastated by what is now determined to be the worst flash flood in its history. In particular, the village of Canaries was severely damaged including the infant school, primary school, and the Seventh Day Adventist Church as depicted in the video below. The main bridge was completely washed away by surging water.

Since this flash flood, a second round of flooding occurred in early January 2014. Blessing Hands USA, Inc. is seeking your support so we can provide food, water, and essentials to the families in the Canaries. To help now, please click here