Dear Friends,img

Welcome to our website, thank you for being here.

Blessing Hands USA, Inc. is a humanitarian non-profit organization that is dedicated to sharing the message of Hope, Unity, and the Love of God with our global community through community service programs, health and wellness clinics, blessing services, community restoration and relief efforts, and national/international mission opportunities. The mission of Blessing Hands USA is to carry the love of God to all people for the transformation and healing of our world.

Friends, I believe that it is our duty to help those who are in great need.  I also believe by offering our very best, big or small, we help to transform our world to live, grow, and worship for all to enjoy. As you review our website, please consider how you might be able to assist any one of our mission efforts. I pray you will find it in your heart to support this organization for our mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters throughout the world.

In Gratitude,

Pastor Jack