CARIBBEAN (Greater Antilles) – HAITI
Blessing Hands USA, Inc. accompanied a group of chiropractors led by Mission Life International to Quanaminthe, Haiti. The goal of this mission trip was to continue restoring communities in Quanaminthe that was destroyed by the 2010 earthquake.

In addition to providing free chiropratic support to the families in Quanaminthe, the team visited a struggling orphanage. There they discovered many of the orphans were sleeping on the bare ground with minimal coverings that served as beds, had no electricity, and was seeking assistance to care for additional orphans.

Blessing Hands USA, Inc. purchased beds for the orphanageso the children no longer sleep on the ground. In addition, we paid one year’s rent for an additional home to serve as an orphanage. The additional orphanage is now able to care for additional children in the community,as young as 3 years old, so they are no longer roaming the streets on their own seeking food, clothing and shelter.We also purchased solar panelsfor both orphanages and now the children are able to have utilities and lighting at night.

Blessing Hands USA, Inc. was also able to provide a scholarship for a young man who had dropped out of school due to lack of funds and the need to care for his family. With this scholarship, this young man can continue his education without the worry of funding and can continue providing support for his family.

This mission has been very fruitful and has evoked a sense of security, hope and future within the Quanaminthe community.Although, the mission is not completed. Blessing Hands USA, Inc. is planning to return to Haiti and continue restoration. If you feel the call to bless this community, we thank you for your prayers and financial support.To make a contribution, please click here.